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Alexander M. Ly  (Male)


Huntsville Acupuncture Center 

Office address:

2707 Governors Drive 

Huntsville . Alabama . United States . 35805 

Contact Information:


(256) 539-4014

(901) 493 7998


(256) 446-6666




Master’s degree in Science 


Chinese medicine, herbalist, acupuncturist 


Alexander M. Ly, MS, CMD, LAc Alexander Ly has a Master’s degree in Science and is a registered doctor of Chinese medicine, herbalist, and certified acupuncturist. He founded the first acupuncture clinic in Florence, Alabama in 1982 and later went on to establish several other clinical branches in Alabama and Tennessee.

With over forty years of experience and teacher of many students, Alex is an expert in Chinese medicine and the most experienced acupuncturist in the Southeast area. Having treated thousands of patients for over twenty-five years, Alex has a reputation as a compassionate and gifted healer. Passionate about sharing his knowledge of Chinese medicine and promoting health, Alex has given lectures and talks around the world; served as guest speaker to various groups of medical professionals; and collaborated with renowned researchers on topics such as cancer & herbal medicine and acupuncture & pain management.

Alex has been featured in numerous media reports, including the national PBS program, Health Week, and local newspapers and magazines.


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