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Lorie Wilson  (Female)


InnerWorks Holistic Health Center 

Office address:

3425 W. Central Ave 

Wichita . Kansas . United States . 67203 

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Kansas College of Chinese Medicine 


Pain Management, Fibromyalgia, Stress 


Lorie has a unique background of training and experience which has greatly influenced her views on health and how she practices. Her early interest in inner work led her to pursue a graduate degree (M.A.) from the University of Iowa in Sport Psychology studying mind-body techniques to enhance fitness and performance. She later taught and coached on the college level. To complete her Master's degree (M.Ed.) in Exercise Wellness, she developed a program for injury prevention and rehabilitation for firefighters on the Wichita Fire Department, where she was an EMT/Firefighter.

Seven years at an Orthopedic Rehabilitation Clinic introduced her to the chronic pain population who at times have no hope of leading a normal life. This led Lorie to pursue training in alternative therapies including CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Somato-Emotional Release (SER), Zero Balancing (ZB), Acupressure, Classical 5 Element Acupuncture, NADA Acudetox Acupuncture, Massage, Auriculotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, Seva Stress Release, and HeartMath. She finds it very beneficial to combine some of these therapies to best serve her client's needs.

Lorie has been in private practice since 1997. In 1999, she completed national certification requirements for Zero Balancing. After graduation from Kansas College of Chinese Medicine, she completed the national certification process for acupuncture through the National Commission of Certification for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in 2000. She completed three years of study of Classical Five Element Acupuncture with an Oxford trained Master Acupuncturist in 2003, and became certified through the National Association for Detoxification Acupuncture (NADA) for Acudetox Acupuncture in 2008. As a certified instructor of the SEVA Stress Release Acupressure, she has been teaching others to provide care for themselves and others to relieve both chronic stress and acute traumatic stress. She is also a certified HeartMath practitioner which uses biofeedback technology to teach skills and strategies to those who are wanting or needing healthier emotional and physiologic responses to stress.

Lorie utilizes a model based on integral healing theory that recognizes the need for providing care that enhances health in all aspects of our being, including the physical (biomedical), mental (attitudes, beliefs, thought patterns), emotional (psycho-spiritual), spiritual (connection with divine/source/nature), social (relationships), and as community members (systems influenced participants). How these aspects influence our sense of well being is individual and unique but often involves a sense of the spiritual, an integral worldview, and discovering deep underlying contributing factors that affect our health. Through gaining knowledge and wisdom to assist our understanding of these aspects of self and how they are all involved in our health are beneficial and necessary components for healing and living our lives to our highest potential.

In 2004, she and her partner opened InnerWorks Holistic Health Center, LLC. She and her colleagues share this integral healing vision and work together to provide the combination of holistic services that best serve the unique needs of the individual.


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