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Miles Chong Chen  (Male)


Chi NeuroHealth Clinic 

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MANCHESTER . New Hampshire . United States . 03103 

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Xiamen University 


Traditional Chinese Medicine 


Dr. Miles Chong Chen, the founder and director of Chi Wellness Clinic, develops the Chen Wellness Holistic Care System based on the holistic worldview of Taoist (or Daoist) philosophy and the foundation of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Although it is still a work in progress, this holistic health care system will allow us to pay attention to all signs and symptoms for each patient, treat any health condition at the root level, and bring about a progressive therapeutic effect. This personalized care system enables each patient to eventually achieve sustainable wellness without continuing treatment.

Mr. Chen works with practitioners to develop procedures and programs for applying TCM to better treat chronic conditions and for evaluating treatment effectiveness. He helps practitioners to work with patients and physicians to build better integration between TCM and the Western medicine. He also develops and coordinates research projects and educational programs. He obtained his BS in Marine Biology from Xiamen University, China in 1982, MS in Computation & Neural systems from Caltech in Pasadena, CA in 1989, and PhD in Neurobiology from USC in Los Angeles, CA in 1993. Previously he worked at MIT's Howard Hughes Medical Institute as a research neuroscientist and published a number of biomedical papers in SCIENCE and CELL. His interest in TCM originated in his childhood, when his parents were pharmacists in China.

Dr. Chen hopes to bring wellness culture into the main stream American life, in contrast to a increasingly pervasive trend in quick fixes and consumer mindset. He coins a term, WELLISM to represent the search for foundamental understanding and practice of sustainable well-living. For example, how can we maximize our innate healing capacity to fight chronic conditions? How can we maintain a natural balance using our wellness instincts developed over the course of evolution? His cultural view of wellness was strongly influenced by Daoism (or Taoism) and by peasants in a mountainous village in southeastern China. After high school he became a farmer from 1975 to 1978 in the remote village, where daily farming life remained unchanged for over two thousand years. Villagers practiced wellness routines and used natural remedies to prevent diseases.


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