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Aina Zhang  (Female)


Clinique SinoCare Inc. 

Office address:

4177 Decarie Blvd. 

Montreal . Quebec . Canada . H9B 3J8 

Contact Information:


514 483 6669

514 816 0892


514 483 6999




Master’s degree in Gyneacology, China 


Acupuncture, Gyneacology, Infertility 


In 1995, after obtaining her license to practice acupuncture in Quebec, Aina started her practice in three different subleased offices in Montreal. As her practice grew, she consolidated her practice and moved the current location in 4177 Decarie Blvd, Montreal, in the March of 2002. Her clinic was renamed to Clinique SinoCare. As her list of patients continue to expand rapidly, James Wang , her husband official jointed her practice and soon took over all non-treatment responsibilities in the clinic, so Aina could concentrate all her energy to patient care. In the March of 2007, Aina and James together incorporated their business and the Clinique Sinocare Inc. was born.

Her credentials include: a. Licensed acupuncturist in Quebec, Quebec, 1995
b. Master’s degree in Gyneacology, China, 1989
c. Medical doctor degree of Chinese & Western medicine, China, 1982
d. Apprenticed to one of the most celebrated contemporary TCM gyneacology master – Professor Luo Yuan Kai
e. Over 25 years of clinical experience in Chinese & Western medicine

Other than her unique educational and clinical experience in both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, there are several important personal characters that contributed to her success as an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine doctor. She is calm, caring, sympathetic, meticulous, dedicated, professional, extremely knowledgeable and experienced in both Chinese and western medicine.


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