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Frank Wang  (Male)


Longevity Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre 

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2030 36 St S.E. 

Calgary . Alberta . Canada . T2B 0X8 

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TCMD qualification in Taiwan 


Acupuncture, Herbololgy 


Dr. Frank Wang is the director of Longevity Acupuncture with twenty four years of clinical experience in Taipei, Taiwan. He immigrated with his family to Canada in 2000, hoping to provide better education for his children. As a loving father and husband, Dr. Wang decided to stay with his family and started up this practice in Canada.

Dr. Wang showed his first signs of interest in herbal medicines during his childhood when he started learning the various medicinal qualities of herbs from his mother, also a well-versed herbologist in Taiwan. He later pursued an education in medicine and received his TCMD qualification in Taiwan in 1985 and has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, known as TCM, ever since. Upon acquiring his Canadian citizenship, Dr. Wang took the Alberta Acupuncture Examination and received his Registered Acupuncturist Qualification in January 2004. In less than nine months later, the practice from Taiwan to Canada.

Dr. Wang specializes in acupuncture and herbololgy, is well-versed in the treatment of many chronic diseases and the administering of fast pain relief. His familiarity with herbal medicine has not only elevated the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment, but also provided versatility in the administering of herbal medications for many preventable diseases. While visiting Dr. Wang in the clinic, patients are encouraged to not just express their physical, but also their mental, health concerns as they are interrelated to each other. Dr. Wang does his best to help each patient and does not prolong the treatment procedure any more than necessary. However, maximal results can only be achieved with cooperation from the patient(s).

Dr. Wang is patient and kind. He always listens to patients' complaints and spends sufficient time with each individual to find the optimal treatment solution. While not busy with his clinical practice, Dr. Wang spends his leisure time on continuous learning. He is an active member of the Alberta Association of Traditional Chinese Medical Doctors and Calgary Chinese Herbal Medicine Association. He attends seminars and conferences regularly to update his knowledge with the most current medical studies.

Dr. Wang's favourite activities are gardening, site seeing and volunteering. His wife, Lee, assists him in the clinic. The Wangs’ have three children. Their eldest daughter is a Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant practicing Immigration Law in Calgary, their second daughter is a Professional Graphic Designer and TV post production producer, and their youngest son Charlie is also a Registered Acupuncturist working alongside his father. Dr. Wang's family feels very grateful for their new life in Canada, having established many great friendships with local Canadians as well as exchanging cultural experiences. Dr. Wang's ultimate goal is to contribute his knowledge and skills of profound Traditional Chinese Medicine to benefit many Canadians with this gentler and less invasive procedure.


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