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Bhawani P. Sinanan  (Male)


Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture 

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261 Davenport Rd, Unit 201 

Toronto . Ontario . Canada . M5R 1K3 

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International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Vancouver BC 


Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine 


Bhawani P. Sinanan graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Vancouver BC in 2003. He spent the year of 2004 in China working on his Master's degree specializing in Acupuncture in addition to working in two local affiliated hospitals.

Bhawani has had the fortune of being introduced to traditional techniques and philosophies passed down through the past ten generations of Chinese medicine doctors through his teacher’s lineage originating at the feet of Huang Shan - the Yellow Mountain. He has had training in the internal martial arts, which he continues today.

“I would like to thank my teacher for passing down this ocean of knowledge and entrusting me with this wisdom .It is important for each person to empower oneself, to make choices that are right for them as an individual and their health. These changes may vary from a new activity program such as tai qi or meditation, a change of diet to organic foods or a shift to preventative and holistic healthcare. Whatever your choices are ask me how I can help facilitate and support your transition. I am very excited and look forward to speaking and meeting with each one of you.”


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